Remi's Story

We took Remi to the Doctor on August 29th for right leg pain. They sent her out for X-rays and could not find anything wrong with her. The next day Remi's leg pain grew worse and we took her to the Hospital. The ER Doctor noticed a lump in her tummy and had it Ultra-sounded. They found a 4 to 5 inch tumor in her right pelvis area. When they went in to remove the tumor, it was worse than expected. They could not remove it and took a biopsy. The tumor tested positive for Cancer. 

Remi has a Cancer called Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma. In the United States, about 350 children are diagnosed with this tumor each year. The tumor is attached to a muscle in her abdomen and is encased around her right Iliac vessels including her Sciatic nerve, this is where all the pain is coming from.

Remi started Chemotherapy on September 8th, the Chemotherapy treatment will last for 42 weeks. After the 12th week, a Pediatric Surgeon will operate to try and remove the rest of the tumor. Radiation therapy treatment will start after that for 6 weeks.

With a lot of prayer and a good medical team, we are positive we can beat this disease. It will be a long road for Remi and our family. Please pray for Remi as she is a very special girl. Thank you to all our family, friends, and St. Lawrence Parish and School for all the prayers and support they have given us.


                                   The Storch Family