Remi's Updates

Check here often for Updates about Remi's progress posted by the Storch Family.

September 2005: 

 Remi started Chemotherapy on September 8th. On the day before, we were getting on a plane and going to New York City to a well known hospital called Sloan Kettering. The treatment was of experimental nature and we were going to have to move there for up to 10 months. That did not sit well with Catherine and me. We had said from the beginning we did not want to do anything experimental.  We wanted to go with proven treatments and we wanted to be close to home for Remi's family support.  We chose to stay local at St. Joseph Hospital for the same treatment that she would have gotten at other well known hospitals. 

The weeks to follow were tough. The leg pain is still there. With chemo and time, the leg pain should go away. 

September 25th:

 We met with a well known Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Paidas. He has started practicing at Tampa General Hospital last November and came from John Hopkins and is very familiar with Remi's condition. Dr. Paidas has been a Rhabdomyosarcoma Doctor for many years. He is on several boards and has written several articles on Rhabdomyosarcoma. We feel privileged that we have a qualified Doctor right in our back yard. 

September 28th: 

Remi received her second big dose of Chemotherapy. Friday was not  great, as the effects of the chemo makes you feel very nauseous. Friday turned into Saturday and Remi was not feeling any better. When they checked her Blood count, it was very low. She received her 1st blood transfusion. We are thankful for friends and family that donated blood for her. After receiving blood, Remi started feeling better right away. They released us from the hospital Saturday night and we are finally home again. Remi is smiling and very, very glad to be home. We went to Mc Donald's the next day and had lunch, It was great to see her happy.

October 3rd:  

Remi has been feeling much better and the leg pain has diminished. She wanted to go to her school assembly the next morning. At the assembly, Remi got to see all her classmates and all the wonderful teachers she has missed. We hope things will keep getting better and Remi can start going back to school a few days a week.

October 9th

 Remi has been feeling great. On Thursday's appointment her white blood cell count was low.  This means if she gets sick, she cannot fight off infection. We have to keep her away from crowds during this time. We were able to slip away on a boat ride to Shell Island on Saturday.  Remi and Chloe got to play in the sand and had a great time. It was wonderful to see them both playing and having fun again. Sunday, Remi got to ride her bike for the first time in months.


October 15th:

 Last week started out with Remi's white blood cells low, but by Thursday her counts were up again. The doctors were very happy with the way Remi was feeling.  We also received good news for the surgeon.  He feels after reviewing the last CT scans that he can remove the tumor completely.  We promised her if she felt good, we would take her to any park she wanted.  Remi picked Sea World.  Remi and Chloe like to go to Sea World and watch the Divers swim to the bottom and pick out oysters. Once the divers get the oysters, they open them up and there are pearls in them.  One of Remi's oysters had two pearls in it.

Remi will start school on Monday and we plan to send her Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday we will be back in the hospital for our third round of chemotherapy.  Next week we plan to do a full body scan to see the progress of the chemotherapy.  If the chemotherapy has shrunk the tumor, then we will plan the next surgery. 
Things are really looking and feeling good right now.  We hope and pray that the next scan will show us that the tumor has  shrunk and that it has not spread anywhere else.

October 16th:

 Remi went to school Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday; she has been feeling great. Thursday was chemo day and Remi only spent one night at the hospital. Friday her blood level was low and she had to receive another transfusion. We went home Friday afternoon and had an overall good weekend.

October 30th

Remi did not go to school this week. Monday she was not feeling too good. Wednesday, Remi had the stent in her ureter replaced with another one. The doctor said the tumor had shrunk some but wanted to replace the stent instead of removing it. Remi's white blood count on Thursday was back low again and she was unable to be in crowds. We are hoping that our visit to the doctors on Monday, October 31st, will bring us good news that her counts are up, so she can go trick or treating.


November 6th:

 Remi was able to go trick or treating on Monday and she had a great time. Tuesday we did the CT scan and the tumor has shrunk some but the surgeon does not think it has shrunk enough to operate yet. We will go through another round of chemo this Thursday and scan Remi 7 to 10 days after that. We would like to thank Richard Gonzmart from the Columbia Restaurant for his efforts in raising money for childhood cancer. Richard presented Remi with a medal from the Rochester Marathon he and his running team won earlier this year. It was an exciting evening with Remi and two other cancer patients, Mark and Billy, starting the 5k race which took place in Ybor City. We would also like the thank all our family members who participated in the event and especially Jason and John Accardi, who were one of the sponsors.


November 14th:

Remi went to school 3 days this week. She is feeling great. Our doctors reviewed the latest scans and determined that they are not ready to remove the tumor yet. we will go through two more rounds of chemo one of which took place on Thursday. We are planning on the next scan to be mid December and hope to have the surgery before Christmas. 


November 27th:

 For the past two weeks Remi has had some ups and downs but overall she has been feeling okay. Thanksgiving was a wonderful day spent with our entire family. Remi loved playing with all her cousins and even played a little basketball. We went on our annual tree cutting trip to Ergle tree farm and stopped in Dade City to hand pick oranges from an actual grove. We spent the weekend decorating the tree and house for Christmas. Remi and Chloe's old babysitter Melissa, stopped by to see the girls while she was home for Thanksgiving. This was a special treat as they really miss her since she went away to college.

Remi's chemotherapy treatment is scheduled for Tuesday. This will be the last treatment before we scan her again. The next scan will be a full body scan and should take place one week after treatment. We are checking to see if the tumor has shrunk enough to schedule the surgery and to see if the cancer has spread anywhere else. If all goes well, we may be able to have the surgery in mid December and hope to be home for Christmas.

December 4th: 

Remi's chemotherapy was Tuesday instead of Thursday this week. She handled it well and she went home on Wednesday. We did a MRI of the brain, neck and orbits and the cancer has not spread to those areas. We are very happy for that. Next week we will scan the rest of her body and expect the same.


December 11th:  

Remi's full body scan came out clear.  The surgeon reviewed the reports and feels the tumor has shrunk enough to be removed. He has scheduled surgery for December 20th at Tampa General Hospital. We are very excited and have been waiting for this day but we are also very scared. Please continue to keep Remi in your prayers as we go though this next phase in our journey to fight this terrible disease. Remi should respond well to the surgery, and we hope to be home for Christmas.


December 18th:

This week was a week of anticipation. On Thursday, Remi and Chloe went to a function with the Children's Cancer Center at the International Mall. They went to Sadie's for pictures and Build A Bear for a wonderful evening with other Cancer kids and their siblings. We would like to thank the volunteers who donated there time and money, It really meant a lot to the girls. While they were at Build A Bear, Channel 10 filmed the event and Remi and Chloe were on the 11.00 o' clock news.

Tomorrow, We will check into Tampa General Hospital. The surgery is scheduled for Tuesday at 1.30 pm. The surgery should last 4 hours and we know Remi will do well. Depending on recovery time, we hope to be home for Christmas.  

December 21st:

 Remi went into surgery Tuesday @ 1 pm and it lasted until almost 7 pm. The doctor is confident he removed the tumor. Remi got out of ICU today around 4 pm. She is in a lot of pain and running a little fever, but overall doing well. The recovery is not an easy one due to the length and extent of the surgery. We are very excited that the tumor has been removed but still have a long way to go. The doctor sent the tumor along with several lymph nodes to the pathologist. We are now checking to see if there is any additional cancer in the intermediate area. These results should be out in a week or so. Depending on how Remi does in the next few days will depend on us being home for Christmas. Thank you to everybody for all your prayers. We believe the power of prayer does work. Please do not stop the prayers yet as we still have a long road ahead of us.


December 25th:


We made it home. Remi did great on her recovery and we left the hospital Saturday early evening. We are home for Christmas and has been great. We woke up in our own beds and Santa Claus came in the middle of the night. This has been the best Christmas ever. Remi is feeling great and is not in any pain.

We would like to thank Dr. Paidas and the whole staff at Tampa General Hospital. Our stay there was quite nice for a hospital. The Child Life Department did a great job comforting all the children who were sick during the Holiday season. A special thank you to Billy and Kolene in Childlife, you all are the best....
The tumor has been removed and we should get more lab results this week. We will resume chemotherapy in a few weeks and start radiation therapy about the same time. We are now half way through our journey with the fight against this disease. We will stay positive with all the prayers and support from our family and friends. We will beat this disease and Remi will be cancer free.

January 1st 2006

Happy New Year to all our friends and family. Thanks again for all your prayers and generosity through this trying time in our life. Remi is feeling great after the surgery and we all took it easy this week. Most of the test came back negative and it looks like the entire tumor is gone. This week we start chemotherapy up again and get ready to start a 5 week daily radiation treatment. If all goes well we should be done with all treatments by summer.

January 15th

Remi is feeling great. We had a very busy two weeks. Remi started chemotherapy for the first time after surgery.  It was a little tough on her but she was home in two days. Remi's Stent was removed from her ureter. This was another big step for us.  Her Bladder and kidneys are working just fine. We did a new CT scan and the report shows that the tumor is no longer present... It was a great feeling to read that report. Radiation started this week and Remi is handling it well.  She has no side effects yet and we hope if she as any at all, that they will be minimal.  Remi went to assembly last week and got on the microphone and led the school in her favorite prayer.  We are so proud of her and her sister for the way they have handled this whole journey. We learn from them everyday. They have made us much stronger parents. We can't thank our friends and family enough, Every time we turn around, someone is there to help and it really does mean a lot.  Till next week, God bless and give your kids a big hug and kiss every chance you get. 

January 29th:

 Remi is feeling great. She finished her 2nd week of radiation and has had little to no side effects. Remi went to school for a whole week and loved it. We met with the surgeon who said that Remi is doing exceptionally well and feels she will keep on that same track. Last week we went in for another round of chemotherapy. We were out of there early the next day. It was the shortest stay we have had. We still have a long road ahead of us, but I feel we are on the right track. We have gotten the tumor out of her and now we just have to hope and pray that is does not come back.


February 5th:

 This week, Remi started back on her weekly chemo treatments and we finished our 3rd week of radiation. Remi is handling it well. She received a blood transfusion on Thursday and bounced right back. Her white blood counts and blood platelets were low and we had to keep a close eye on her this weekend. Her radiation treatment was canceled on Friday due to this and we hope to resume treatments on Monday.


February 12th

Radiation treatments started again on Monday. Remi has not been able to go to school because the combination of radiation and chemotherapy has continually kept her white blood counts low and this is when she is very vulnerable to sickness. We do have allot of good days and she is overall doing well. This will be the last week of radiation and we are looking forward to finishing this next step in our journey.


February 19th:  

Friday was a special day, it was the last day of radiation. Remi was so excited not to have to go to the hospital every single day any more. We celebrated by going to the Fair and stayed all day long. We all had a wonderful day with the Carson family. Tomorrow we will start back on our weekly visits and every three weeks we have our overnight stay. We have Six more overnight treatments and this should take us to the end of June for our last treatment. Remi's spirits are high and we hope to get her back in school soon. We are planning a full body scan in March and are positive it will be tumor free. Thanks again for all the prayers and please don't stop thinking about Remi as she still has a long way to go.


March 6th:

 Well this has been a tough two weeks. After our last treatment of radiation, that Monday we checked into the Hospital for a chemotherapy treatment. Remi got sick after that with cold like symptoms. Everyday after that Remi was sick, by Sunday we had to check Remi back into the Hospital. She was very dehydrated and very sick. After several days , we found out Remi had a virus called Rotavirus. We finally were discharged on Friday afternoon and Remi has been feeling allot better.


March 12th: 

This past week was not a great one. Remi went in for a CT scan on Monday and it showed a small intestinal blockage. The doctors at St. Joseph Hospital sent us back to Tampa General Hospital to consult with Doctor Padais, the surgeon. They were concerned that scar tissue had grown around the small intestines and that this would involve surgery. Remi was not allowed to eat and a Naso-Gastric tube was inserted into her stomach. After a few days, and a few more x-rays it was determined for now that we would not have to do surgery.  Remi came home from the hospital on Thursday and is still having occasional stomach pains. This Thursday we will do a full body scan. this will include another CT scan. Hopefully nothing else will show up.  

We would like to thank Toni Kubousek from St. Lawrence School who has been working with Remi everyday on her studies. Remi is receiving her first penance this Saturday and we are very proud of her.

March 19th:

Remi had a great week. All scans came back clean, no sign of tumor anywhere. The Doctors said this is the best she has ever looked. We still need to put some weight on her, but that will come in time. Remi is eating everything in sight. Remi’s chemo stay at hospital was short, We were out of the hospital on Friday. Remi did her first Penance on Saturday and it was great. She was so excited and we spent the rest of the day at the Zoo.  

April 9th : 

 Remi has been great..... Since the last scans Remi has had no "speed bumps". We have been participating in charity events for the past three weeks with the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. We went to a very special breakfast with the foundation, they are so wonderful in there fight for finding a cure for childhood cancer. Catherine and Remi went out for a day at the Spa at Saks Fifth Avenue. They were picked up in a new Mercedes sponsored by Mercedes-Benz USA., then they were treated with pedicures, manicure's and a full makeup makeover. The following week we were able to spend a few days at the beach. We all went to Shell Island in Tierra Verde. That is Remi and Chloe's favorite place to go. This past week, we spent Monday night in Brad Richards suite, of the Tampa Bay Lighting #19. The girls and I, along with their Uncle Stephen and friend, Victoria Docobo watched the game and had the pleasure of meeting Brad after the hockey game. Thank you to Brad and his staff for a fun evening. On Tuesday, Remi was in the fashion show for the foundation called "Fashion Funds The Cure" it was sponsored by Mercedes-Benz USA, Saks Fifth Avenue and The Bank of Tampa. It was strictly to raise money for funding research for childhood cancer. Remi was in the show, along with 18 other children with cancer. It was an exiting event. Remi was so happy walking down that catwalk. We would like to thank Chad Harrod of Harrod Properties Inc. for sponsoring Remi.The night was filled with such joy and excitement, Remi along with her new friend Camille, met many celebrities, their favorite I believe was Chad and Christie from the morning show on 94.9 F.M.

We would like to say Hi to Camille and her family, Camille is a very special person and she and Remi have become friends. Camille and her family are battling this terrible disease like us and just being able to talk to another family who so closely reminds us of ourselves is truly a blessing. I was able to see Camille and Remi walk down that catwalk the other night and the smiles on there faces were unbelievable, I was happy and sad at the same time. I was touched that night and I know there will be many more catwalks they will walk on in the future.

This past week Remi went in for another round of chemotherapy. We stayed 2 nights this time. Remi is back on the full VAC treatment and will start back on weekly chemotherapy treatments soon. We have 12 more weeks of her protocol, that translates to 4 more overnight stays. Can't wait for that day.

April 30th:

  Hope everyone had a Blessed Easter!!! We started our Easter Sunday at the early Mass and spent the day with our family.

Remi had her wish fulfilled thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Remi’s wish was to go to Walt Disney World in Orlando, ride in the parade and meet Minnie Mouse. We actually were the Grand Marshalls of the parade and rode in a car leading the afternoon parade...It was truly amazing!!! Thank you to Dean from Walt Disney for making the experience so much fun and memorable for us all. Remi had the special treat of meeting Minnie Mouse privately!!! She was so excited and enjoyed every single minute…. We would like to thank the Make-A-Wish Foundation and our wish coordinators, Melody, Yari, Chris and Becky for everything they did to make Remi’s wish come true and turn out truly special!!!  

The Make-A-Wish Foundation also treated us to tickets to Universal Studios…We really enjoyed our time there; we would like to thank Judy and Ariel from Universal for making our trip to the parks so extra special!! Remi and Chloe loved meeting Sponge Bob and had a great time at Islands of Adventure…

Remi has had a great couple of weeks and the Disney vacation was the first time we have been able to get away from everything and enjoy ourselves as a family without having to worry about hospital stays and clinic visits.

Remi went in for Chemotherapy on the Thursday and stayed till Saturday. She is still struggling to recover from the treatments quickly, but she just looks forward to them being over in June.



 Thanks for all your support and prayers for Remi and our family. We have had a few interesting weeks. Bay News 9 interviewed our family on behalf of Monsignor Higgins. We felt honored to share our thoughts and memories with the community. Monsignor continues to be in our prayers to make a speedy recovery. After Remi finished her last Chemotherapy treatment, We were admitted back into the hospital a few days later for an unexplained fever. After two different kinds of transfusion's and a 5 day stay, we were released and Remi was feeling good again. Remi and Chloe were in the St. Lawrence talent show and did a wonderful job. they sang a song called Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. Remi received her First Holy Communion on Saturday. It was a special event for us.  We have been waiting for this day a long time and feel blessed that she was able to receive this Sacrament. Remi was invited by the Pediatric Cancer Foundation to film a Public Service Announcement with Warren Sapp at his Celebrity Golf Tournament, Diamonds and the Rough at the Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando, Florida. The PSA should air this fall on major networks. We would like to thank Warren and Jamica Sapp for a wonderful weekend and all they do to support the cure for childhood cancer.   Remi will check in this Thursday for another round of Chemotherapy, Please keep her in your prayers as we only have a couple more treatments to go.

June 7th: 

We have been very busy with the end of the school year and treatment schedule. Remi was able to participate at the end of the school year party. The two second grade classes surprised her with class picture and a beautiful hand painted plate of all her homeroom classmates, Thank You to Ann Pavlakis for the time and love she put into painting the plate, it is beautiful and priceless!! Also, Thank you to the homeroom moms and especially, Linda Leone for making the celebration extra special for Remi to remember!! Things have been going fairly well, we did have another scare with a small obstruction on Memorial Day weekend , which we ended up back at Tampa General again, with Dr. Paidas...With a few days of bowel rest, her obstruction cleared and we were able to leave. Thank you to Dr. Paidas for taking such good care of Remi.. Remi was asked by Make A Wish to participate in Devil Rays game on Tuesday against the Angels. Remi was Tuesday's Champion and threw the first pitch at the game. She had allot of fun being on the field and meeting the players. Thank You Make a Wish!!
We are going in for our second to last chemo treatment this Thursday and should be out by Saturday. The last treatment is at the end of this month and we hopefully be done with everything and get back to a normal life.

 June 29:

 Remi has had a few speed bumps but overall is doing well. The last round of Chemo has been delayed. Remi has a troubling spot on the wall of her bladder that was caused by the harsh effects of the Chemotherapy drugs and the radiation treatments. This spot has tested last week and showed no signs of Cancer. We have to wait three weeks for this to heal and then we will determine when to give the last round of Chemo. So far Remi and Chloe have had a great summer, They went to Camp at the Children’s Cancer Center

August 13: 

Well the day has finally come Remi's in Remission................. We had a few speed bumps toward the end of our treatments, but all has worked out well.  The last treatment was both a sad and joyous occasion. Remi was not looking forward to being sick for a few days , but was excited that she would not have to go through treatments anymore. The last treatment went as planned and when Remi started to feel better, she was off  to the races, singing and dancing through the halls of the Hospital. Thank you to our oncology team, the nurses in the oncology clinic and all the nurses and techs on the 2nd floor Children's Cancer for taking such wonderful care of Remi during this past year. You all are special in your own way and really touched all of our lives forever...
 In the beginning, when Remi was diagnosed , she told us that she wanted to ride home in a limousine after her last treatment... Well she did and she felt like a Rock Star for a day.... The limo picked us up at St Joseph and picked up her grandparents, aunts, uncles and a few cousins and went to lunch at her favorite restaurant in Westchase, it was a lot of fun...
All scans for Remi have come back negative for any signs of cancer. Remi no longer has to go to the Hospital for overnight stays, only once a week for normal check ups. Remi no longer has to have a shot every night of the week and most of all her white blood counts have become normal again, we do not have the fear of Remi catching any viruses. Remi will get a full body scan every 3 months for the first year and every 6 months for the year after that. Then once a year forever. Statically speaking once Remi has been in remission for 5 years, the prognosis is she will be free for life.
Life is somewhat back to normal and school starts tomorrow for the girls. Both the girls are excited about the upcoming year and their teachers. We are glad that we had a few weeks to enjoy the summer,  free of treatments and the Hospital. We want to Thank Jim Atchison for our long awaited trip to Discovery Cove in Orlando. It was an incredible day!! The girls were so thrilled by the park, as well as ourselves. Linda from DC really took special care of us and made the day extra special. Our dolphin's name was Jenny, we all got the chance to  swim with her and kiss was fantastic. The park also surprised us with a visit from Timmy the ant eater, the girls really thought he was neat, especially his feet...Thank you again Jim for a wonderful day at Discovery Cove, it is a trip we will remember forever!!! 
The normal things are nice, but the fear is still there everyday. Remi not being on any chemo is a great feeling, but It is in the same breath, very scary. The thought of the cancer coming back is a daily fear that we must face, but with the help of friends, family and God, it will make it easier. We want to Thank everyone for being there for us. This year has been very difficult for all of us, we are glad that we have made it to this point and have hope and continue to pray that things stay good for Remi. She is an amazing young girl she has taught us so much about life, love, happiness, faith and most of all courage. She has inspired so many people to keep fighting and to live life like there is no tomorrow.  


September 30th:

Hi everyone, just wanted to take a moment and give you all an update, I know it has been long over due.

Things have been going great and sometimes I have to just pinch myself and make sure it is not just a dream.
The girls are both back in school and loving it... It is so great to see Remi doing so well and back at school with her friends. I know that Chloe is just really feeling so complete knowing her sister is back with her at school and well.
Remi has been feeling great and really has only had one case of the flu so took her a couple of weeks to work it thru but she was fine.
We all are adjusting to being back on a full routine and have been really busy at it.
Remi is due for her routine 3 month scans on October 11th, Please pray that her scan are clear and she continues to be cancer free.
I also would like you all  to keep a very dear friend of ours , Taylor, in your prayers . She has been fighting cancer for three years and is now trying a new treatment plan. Please pray for her healing and for her family in this time of need.
Remi's fight with cancer has changed our family completely. I feel that it is my mission to do all I can to spread the awareness of childhood cancer and the need to fund research to help find a cure and give these children hope to continue to fight.
This past year we have witness the calling of too many of the children we have grown to know and love. This has been too many for us and has made me want to help raise their voices, our children need us to help, they cannot do this on their own.
We would like to thank you all for continuing to keep Remi and our family in your thoughts and prayers.

October 16th:

Just a short note to let everybody know that Remi's 3 month scan is all clear. We will put up a more in depth update soon. 

November 1st:


Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!!!
We had a great time at home with our annual get together with family and friends. The girls had fun with their costumes this year. Remi was Hannah Montana and Chloe was a Hip Witch..they looked so cute...
Things have been for the most part going fairly well, Remi has been feeling great and enjoying the art classes she started 3 weeks ago..
We are so proud of both Chloe and Remi...They both received honors this week for their first quarter report card. Remi received the Merit Award and Chloe received Honor Roll!!!! Great Job Girls !!!! Keep up the good work!!!
This month ends Remi's 1st Annual Coin Drive at her school. We are very excited to see how much money we have raised to support The Children's Cancer Center and The Pediatric Cancer Foundation,  with the help of all the students of St. Lawrence.. We thank everyone who participated in the coin drive, your generosity is greatly appreciated.
We also would like to thank the Foundation and Brad Richard's for a really exciting and fun evening at the hockey game. We all had so much fun and Remi enjoyed cheering for Brad!!!
On a serious note, We are saddened to inform everyone that Remi's Nana Loretta Storch was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer,. She had surgery to remove the three tumors, she will begin chemotherapy in couple of weeks. We are asking you to please keep Nana Loretta in your prayers. Pray that God gives her the strength to fight this horrible disease and bring her comfort thru chemo treatments. Also please pray for her complete healing. Nana Loretta is a very special person, she was always there for Remi thru her fight and we are committed to help her and be there for her thru her treatment.
Thank you again for all of your continuous support and prayers for our family, we truly appreciate everything. Please take a moment to sign Remi's guestbook, as we check it often..

December 1st:

We hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving.
The girls had a week off for the Thanksgiving Holiday and we had a wonderful time.
We spent the first part of the weekend with our friends, The Caldevia's and The Guida's and their families at Disney's Fort Wilderness Cabins.
The girls had such a great time with their friends and riding around in the golf cart we rented looking for deer. It was so nice to get away together with friends, it has been a really long time for us as a family, to get the chance to do that, it was  great..
As we left Disney we stopped to see the Ice Exhibit at Gaylord Palms in Orlando. It was so amazing to see all the ice sculptures and the girls had fun sliding down the slide made from ice...Patrick and the girls ended the evening with a fun ice skate along with our friends and their children. It was the end of a perfect weekend..
We had a nice Thanksgiving Day spent with family, not all of our family could be together this year, but we were together in or hearts.
We took our annual trip on Saturday morning to Ergle Tree Farm in Brooksville to get our Christmas Tree. We found another perfect tree this year!!  Patrick cut it down, the girls just love this tradition. Our neighbor's, The Turner's came along this year along with their adorable dog, Scout.
On our way home, we stopped again this year at The Grove's home in Dade City to pick our 2 bags full of oranges from their trees. They are such a beautiful couple and are always so welcoming to us, we thank them again for making our day so special.
The house is finally complete, Patrick decorated the outside lights and the tree is done, it feels like Christmas..
The girls are starting to count the days down with their advent chocolate calendars.. with much anticipation for the big day...
We spent last night with our friends, The Rawson's at The Children's Cancer Center's Christmas Party at the Sheraton Hotel. It was so nice to see all of our friends from the CCC and meeting new ones. Please keep all these children and their families in your prayers during this time of year. Allot of them are going to spend the holidays in the hospital, as we did last year, it really is so difficult for them and the children.
We feel so blessed and thankful for all we have today and after everything we have been thru in the past year we are so thankful and appreciate everyday that we have together as a family.
 It's the little things that mean so much like, drinking eggnog together, making the Christmas Lists for Santa with the girls, making banana bread together, curling up together watching a movie at the drive-in...We are rejoicing everyday!!!!!
Thank you for continuously checking in on Remi and our family, we truly appreciate your support and prayers..

January 18th

We wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year.
 The girls had a wonderful Christmas Vacation and received lots of gifts from Santa Claus. Christmas Eve was spent @ Danielle and Jason's house and as always, we had a wonderful time. It was nice to be back with our family, as the year before we were just getting out of the hospital Christmas Eve.  
Christmas day was spent at home for most of the day and then at Nana and Papo's house. That to was a special day spending it with Nana Loretta with all she is going through. It was also a special day as their Uncle Stephen asked Stephanie to marry him, the girls helped out by reading a story while Uncle Stephen  proposed, they were so excited to be included..
 The day after Christmas we road tripped it to the Tennessee Mountains with Nani Sylvia.  We were able to see and play in the snow. The girls made a snow man and put it on top of the car, It slowly melted as we drove down the Mountains. We rang in the new year in Tennessee and then headed back home. The trip was one we will always treasure , it was great to be able to travel again together.
We are so proud of the girls, we just finished their second quarter grades,  Remi made Honor Role and Chloe made Merit. They are really doing great at school this year. Great Job girls.. Keep up the hard work!!! 
Nana Loretta is still battling her Ovarian Cancer and is winning the battle. The treatment is very tough on her frail body but she is the strongest person we know.  She has not stopped the fight and we hope soon she will be done with her treatments and will be on the road to recovery.
We received wonderful news with Remi this month. Remi's 6 month post cancer scans came back CLEAR.................... No sign of any tumors, masses, or cancer at all. This is a great sign as we can now start planning to have Remi's mediport removed. We know we are not out of the woods and will never be, but we celebrate all the little accomplishments and thank God for everyday we have her here with us.
We are the proud Chair Family of the 2007 Breakfast of Hope at the Marriot Waterside February 8th @ 7.30 am. We are have been anticipating this day for months, we are all going to be sharing our story of our journey for the first time. We hope everyone will be able to attend. For more information on how to be involved or donate,  please call or  visit
February 12th

We are so happy to say that the Breakfast of Hope was a enormous far we have raised 300k!!!

It really was a very difficult morning for our family. It was the first time we have ever shared our story. Remi and Chloe had no trouble and did a beautiful job delivering their speeches. Patrick and I , of course, as parents, had a much more difficult time sharing our journey.. It was hard to go back and speak about those tough times with Remi and the toll the cancer took on our beautiful daughter, her sister, Chloe and us...

Every time I felt that I just couldn't do it, I just thought about what Remi went thru and how she suffered and never gave up. I needed to help raise her voice and raise awareness of the importance of the need for research. We need better drugs for our children who are battling cancer, ones without the harsh side effects...drugs that can help us ultimately reach our goal of finding a cure for this horrible disease...

We truly felt honored to have had been accompanied by our dear friends, The Rawson's. They were the presenting family at the Breakfast, their daughter Camille, is still battling cancer. We met last year when Remi and Camille were in the fashion show @ Sak's Fifth Avenue  together and have been friends ever since. With all they have been going thru lately, I want to thank them for their presence at the Breakfast and to all they contributed  to making the breakfast the success it was.

Also, we were very moved by three mothers of children who unfortunately lost their battle to cancer. I knew one family, The Duckworth's, they lost their adorable son Jacob last year. They were a family, I can truly say, showed us in the very beginning, that even though we were living at the hospital, that life must go on ..They taught us by example to make the best of everyday, no matter where you were and to keep hold of your faith, no matter what life brings you. They were and always will be such an inspiration to us.

Thank you to all of you who attended the Breakfast, I can't tell you what a beautiful feeling it was to stand up on that stage and look out and see all of you there to support us..It gives us and the families affected by childhood cancer..HOPE.. For all of you who couldn't be there we thank you for your support as well...We are forever grateful to you all...

Well, Remi has really enjoyed all of this attention...She is such a ham... For all of you who were wondering what her closing words were on Thursday, it was...Love, Hope, Have Hope In Cancer... She says this all the time, it is something she writes over and over..she made it up, we know this is from her heart..

We were honored to have the opportunity to help spread the word about the Breakfast and what the mission is of the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Hopefully all of you were able to see the piece our family did on the 5:00 news on ABC Action News with Susan Casper...They spent a lot of time with our family and Barb Rebold, the executive director of the PCF..We hope it helped raise awareness..Thank you Susan for your special interest in the story and to Aimes, the photographer whom the girls kept busy...We are working on getting a link to the broadcast so everyone can see it...

We are trying to get things some what back to normal around here,  we enjoyed the weekend celebrating Nana Loretta's birthday.. Happy Birthday Nana.. We love you.. Please keep her in your prayers as she has only 2 more chemo treatments left. She has been so strong thru all of this, she too, is such an inspiration...

Lastly, I would like for you to keep Camille in your prayers, she is relapsing and is still waiting to decide on their next treatment plan. Please pray for complete healing for Camille and strength and comfort for her family..

Please pray for all children affected by cancer, they all need our help and prayers...


March 8th

It has been a busy month for all of us, the girls are just so busy with school work and projects, they both are looking forward to Spring Break... Remi has been feeling fine, she has a doctor appointment next week and we will set up a date for her next set of scans in April.

I forgot to mention two amazing young girls last update who have reached out to Remi and touched her very much...Kati and Gianna Messina. These twin sisters are seniors at the Academy of the Holy Names, their mom Cathy is a dear old friend of mine. They heard thru family of Remi's illness and on their own wanted to help. They raise money for Remi. and gave it to her in January. She was so honored to accept it and was very touched by their interest and concern for her. I want to thank Kati and Gianna for really making Remi feel special !!!

Remi is looking forward to being in the Fashion Funds the Cure fashion show again this year. Please come out to Saks Fifth Avenue and show your support for these girls !!  The fashion show is being held on Tuesday, March 27th from 6:00-9:00 p.m. Hope you can make it, it is truly an enjoyable evening....

Last week I had the opportunity to meet with several other cancer moms and the ladies from PCF. We together are working on some exciting things for the near future to help raise awareness for Pediatric Cancer. This Friday we are excited to attend a breakfast hosted by the PCF and the Dream Team of Doctors working on the research for the Foundation. We are thrilled to hear of the progress that has been made in their research so far...

I want to thank all of you for helping us thru contributions and especially thru prayer.. Without all of the support we would not feel as hopeful as we do today.. There is so much sadness and heaviness around us these days, many children and families we know need our prayers and support. Please continue to pray for Camille and the Rawson Family and please keep Nana Loretta in your prayers. As always we appreciate all of your love and support..


March 30th

The 4th Annual Fashion Funds the Cure was a overwhelming success, The Pediatric Cancer Foundation, with the help of 5oo guests including sponsors, donors, models and local celebrities, raised a record breaking $165,000.00 !!!!  Tuesday night at Saks was so incredible, it was filled with people who made you feel so much hope with their interest and passion to make a difference for children affected with cancer.

 Channel 10 had a huge presence at the Fashion Show,; Tim Wilkins, Dave Wirth and Mario Diaz were amongst the celebrity escorts. Remi did a interview with Mario backstage and it aired Wednesday morning, she did wonderful, it is amazing the things she says, it's straight from her heart. She said that " she who stick by someone who had cancer no matter what, because she wouldn't want to be selfish , because no one was selfish to her" Remi has learned so much, so quick,  but it has really given her so much character and has taught her the true meaning of life and it's blessings. Chris Simms, Michael Clayton and Dave Andreychuk were some of the sports escort celebrities, they are always so supportive and such a pleasure to be around. Remi most favorite was Chadd and Kristi Thomas from Mix 94.9 fm.  Kristi did a wonderful job as Mc for the show and Remi got her wish to be escorted by Chadd, she was so happy. Thank you Chadd and Kristi !!!!

Remi along with 26 other young ladies, all who are in and out of treatment, strutted their stuff and made every one of us proud. Every single one of them were so beautiful,  beaming with confidence, they were examples of courage and strength.  The show started off with a heartwarming  dedication to two lovely ladies, Karyna Ramos and Kelly Muldoon, who both lost there battle this year. They both were such beautiful girls and will always be inspirations to us all and will never be forgotten.

 Remi was sponsored again this year by Chad Harrod of Harrod Properties, Chad was also the Fashion Show Chair and Past President of the PCF, he is a  very  special person to our family and has always shown such a great intrest and love towards Remi, Thank You Chad !!!

Remi had a wonderful time at the Fashion Show she was amongst many of her friends she has made thru the PCF and CCC. She was thrilled to see Camille, Dana, Stephanie, Melody, Molly, Samantha, Carlee, Taylor A, Taylor D, Sierra ,and Lily.  Camille and Remi were so cute getting dressed and waiting backstage, it is memories they will cherish forever. It was a little over a year ago that Remi and Camille became friends and that I became friends with her mom Vivian, we feel so blessed to have them in our lives. When we met it was like we had known eachother our whole lives, we just clicked and then we introduced the rest of the family and we all just got along so well, it was pretty neat.

I want to thank two special  girls, Dana and Stephanie, for always reaching out to Remi and being such a wonderful example to her. You two girls are beautiful inside and out and you give Remi so much hope, courage and love, it is one thing I know that she will always remember. You both give from your heart and I just want you to know how very special you both are to Remi and our Family..

Remi was so ecstatic, a lot of her family came to see her in the show, her cousins, Gianna and Gabriella; her Godparents, Uncle Jason and Aunt Danielle; Uncle Stephen and future Aunt Stephanie, Aunt Andrea and her mom Aileen, Aunt Tee Tee, Nani Sylvia and Papo Julius !!

Several of her friends from school came to show their support, Samantha and her sisters, Victoria, Nicolette ,Courtney and Kaylyn. Thank you girls for beingat the show to support Remi,  she was so happy to see you all !!!

Remi chose her dress, it was turquoise with a plum bow print, she wore pearl earrings and two pearl necklaces, she looked so beautiful !!! She was so excited and grateful to hear at the end of the fashion show that Dan Doyle, purchased all 27 girls in the fashion show their dresses !!! What a treat that was, Thank You Dan Doyle !!!  We were so glad to be part of the fashion show again this year and we are so happy it was such a huge success, it is one more step closer to helping find cures for childhood cancer...

We have been so busy this month, besides the excitement of the Fashion Show,  it was Chloe's 11th Birthday on the 21st ..Happy Birthday Chloe !!!!! Remi was so happy to be able to share in the celebration this year , last year her counts were too low and she was not able to be here..  Chloe had three girlfriends over and we all went to get manicures and pedicures, dinner, and movies at Blockbuster. The girls came back and played with silly string, swam,  ate cake and stayed up and watched movies until late, they had a blast...

I have lots of new pictures posted of the Fashion Show, Chloe's Birthday and Remi and Daddy's day at Lowry Park Zoo... Remi and Patrick had a Father/ Daughter Day while Chloe and I did our annual birthday shopping day together. Remi had such a great time. she told me her favorite part is when they saw the mommy elephant and her baby playing in the water with a ball, the pictures are so cute. She also fed a giraffe and held and fed a bird.. She loves animals and especially going to the Zoo..with her Daddy...

Please continue to keep Nana Loretta in your prayers, we have just learned that her pet scan showed 3 lesions on her liver. We are still waiting to hear what will be the next step. Please pray for her strength and healing.. Also, please keep Camille ,close in your prayers she needs healing as well.. Remi will be undergoing her 9 month out of treatment scans on Monday and Tuesday, please pray that the scans show she is still in remission. Keep all of those affected by cancer in your prayers, it seems lately that cancer is in the forefront, it's all I hear about, I hope that one day we all will have an answer for this horrible disease.. Thank you for checking in and I hope you all have a Blessed Easter.


April 6th

We are blessed to receive the news that Remi's 9 month out of treatment scans remain clear and show no evidence of metastatic disease!!! We are so thankful and are rejoicing at the news... She handled the two days of scans so well, we had a few problems both days with her port giving blood return, which meant she had to be accessed several times in the two days which is painful.. But Remi is always making every negative a positive.. She would cry and then just perk right back up....  I want to thank Leanne and all the staff at St Joe's Nuclear Medicine Department for taking such wonderful care of Remi Monday and Tuesday., you all always make us feel at ease and Remi so welcome and comfortable.. also thank you for Happy Feet Cd,  she loves it... Also, thank you to Michelle who always performs Remi's CT scans. You are too are special to us and we thank you for your kindness always. One last thank you to Bonnie in clinic, thank you for your help with Remi when her port wouldn't work, you were so kind to come in early to access her on Tuesday, thank you again..

Well, We are going on a RV trip!!!!!  We are so excited to do this, we have been wanting to try this type of vacationing for a long time.. The girls are thrilled.. Our first stop will be at Blue Spring State Park, we will go tubing down the spring and enjoy our first day, then we will be off to Kennedy Space Center, we are trilled to do the day long tour, we will then be off to our final destination.. Anastasia State Park, it is on the beach and we can't wait, The girls are really excited to visit St. Augustine, there is so much history there, we plan on spending one full day there..

We are getting ready for Easter, I plan on taking the girls to confession today , they wanted to go before Easter. I We are spending Easter this year with Nana Loretta, everyone is bringing a dish over and we will celebrate Easter this year at their house. We look forward to spending time with her and having Easter there. We always enjoy the egg hunt at Nana and Papo's because they have the best yard for the hunt.. lots of trees and bushes to hide all those eggs...

We hope you all have a Blessed and Happy Easter, if you are on Spring Break. Enjoy... I know we will....

Also, Please remember Fashion Funds the Cure's 1st Annual Fashion Show in Orlando, Tuesday, April 17th ... Remi has the honor of being in this show as well.. We look forward to being part of it.. To find out more information or to attend please follow the link on Remi's homepage..

May 2nd

I am finally able to update, our home computer has crashed and I was unable to update because the frontpage account was on our home computer..

I update this morning with a happy yet very heavy heart. I am happy to tell everyone that Remi had her medi-port removed yesterday by her surgeon, Dr. Paidas!!!!! We are so delighted and are very blessed to have reached this point in Remi's recovery. She has been free of cancer for 9 months and in July will reach her year marker!!! Thank you God!!

I am saddened to say that we lost another friend we made at our hospital, Taylor Arrington, she was such a beautiful and sweet girl, who fought so hard for 3 1/2 years, we will never forget Taylor or her twin sister Jordan and her wonderful parents, Mary Kay and Cary.  Remi and Taylor met at St. Joe's during treatment and would see each other regularly at the clinic. The girls helped raised awareness together doing commercials for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation and enjoyed going to many events put on by the Children's Cancer Center and The PCF. Our family attended Taylor's funeral mass on Saturday, it was a beautiful service, the girls were very sad and it was a difficult morning for us all, remembering Taylor and saying goodbye. After the service was over, they had a balloon release, all the balloons were released after a prayer outside, when we looked up everyone noticed a ring around the sun, it almost had a rainbow look but it was completely round, all the balloons went up into the ring, it was amazing, everyone was talking about it. After a few minutes passed we all looked up at the sky again and the ring was gone and so were all the balloons, this was definitely a sign from Taylor that she was with us and wanted us to know she is happy with God. this gave us so much joy and made us feel so much peace and hope. The girls witnessed this and I know that they felt the peace that God and Taylor were sending to us all. On our way home driving on the interstate Chloe said to us, "look there's a rainbow" , we all saw the rainbow and as we looked to the right there was a cloud and it was in the shape of a butterfly, it was amazing!! At the services for Taylor there were balloons shaped like butterflies everywhere because she loved them, this was just another beautiful sign that Taylor is definitely in heaven smiling down on us all. May God bless her and all the other angel friends with her in heaven, they will never be forgotten!!  Taylor and her sister Jordan were very close and I ask you to pray for them both and their family, especially her a Mother, Father and her Grandmother Judy who was always there with Taylor, as this is such a difficult time for them. (

I ask you to also keep Camille in your close in your prayers. She is in New York and had her spleen removed, there was more cancer, please pray for her healing and speedy recovery.

Nana Loretta, had her surgery and found that her cancer had spred to her diaphragm, the tumors were removed and a port was put in her stomach , she will soon start a 9 week chemo treatment. Please continue to keep Nana in your prayers, she is still in allot of pain and is back in the hospital.

Things are so difficult around us , we are trying to stay positive and happy regardless. We celebrate and thank God everyday for everything we have and how well things are for Remi. It is just so hard to feel completely elated as people we love are going thru so much. All we feel we can do is be there for them all, pray for them and keep trying to raise awareness and help keep hope alive. Until you are directly affected by cancer you can never understand the horrible feeling of desperation to help and try to change things.

June 18th

The summer break is really kicking in now, we can honestly say that we are out of our usual routine. .it feels great!!!!  We have had so much fun since the girls finished school. We started off with spending Memorial Day with my family at the beach and with our friends the Rawson's. We had a great weekend out at the beach and boating. Thank You to the Rawson's for a fun day at Egmont, we had a great time hanging out and spending time together. It was the first time we have gotten to see Camille since she has returned from NY. Check out the new pictures, the girls had so much fun together!!!

We spent a week at the beach and really enjoyed the time out there together, it was so nice and very quiet, just the way we like it. Patrick's Mom and Dad and my Grandparents came out to visit and spend the day with us along with Uncle Stephen and soon to be Aunt Stephanie. We enjoyed a visit from our friends the Turners too, the weather was perfect the entire week.. The girls enjoyed surfing the waves and trying to skim board.. We found lots of beautiful shells and Patrick found a sharks tooth, the girls went crazy... Remi did her usual digs to find coquinas, there were so may this year!!!  Chloe enjoyed laying out with me under the tent reading magazines...and going on walks searching for shells...

Things have been great for us, ... The girls were both included in a fashion show put on by Joann Toretta from First Impressions to benefit Make A Wish Foundation. Chloe and Remi were both in two scenes, they loved being in the show and had so much fun together, Thank You Ann from Make A Wish for thinking of Remi and Chloe for this event and to Joann Toretta from First Impressions for including both girls and making them feel so special... We are getting ready for a visit from our friends and old neighbors the Alonso's, they moved last summer to Norfolk, Virginia, the girls are excited to see them.. Their daughter Tere will be staying over for a couple days, we are planning a barbeque and a trip to Great Exploration in St. Pete with some friends and Tere's brother Juan Carlos, it should be lots of fun.

We have a few things planned for later this summer but we wanted to wait for Remi to have her scans on July 9th and 10th.. These will be her 1 year scans!!!! It's hard to believe we have reached the 1 year mark. It feels like it was just yesterday that she was finished with treatment.. We are expecting everything to continue to be well for her and we have so much faith and hope that she will remain cancer free. I do get the worries at times but I try not to start in that direction and immediately go for the positive thoughts..

Patrick's mom has started her next phase or treatment, she goes in this Thursday for round 2 and then she has 1 more, then they will scan her again and reevaluate her. She had a little trouble at first but she seems to be getting stronger these last few days, she has gained weight and her spirits seemed more up. Thank you for all of your prayers for Nana, it keeps her very hopeful and gives her much comfort.

We had a great Father's Day weekend, we spent Saturday with my Dad, we visited him at his new home and had a great lunch in downtown St. Pete. The girls enjoyed seeing him and loved his new house, the really enjoyed his new puppy "Bruno", he was part pug and part yorkie, so cute!! We spent Sunday pampering Patrick with his favorite breakfast and showering him with gifts and lots of love.. he deserves all of it, We love you Daddy!!! We went to Patrick's Mom and Dad's in the evening and celebrated with his brothers, we had a great dinner and enjoyed talking about old times of the boys and all the things they put them thru ha..ha.. the girls really enjoyed all the stories..

Please continue to pray for children and adults with cancer, those who are in remission, and especially for those who have lost their battle. Keep all of these families close in prayer, to give them strength, hope and the will to get thru each day.. Thank you for continuing to check on Remi and our family, we truly appreciate your thoughts and kind words..

July 12th

We were happy to hear yesterday that Remi's 1 year scans showed that she is still cancer free and in remission!!!!! We feel blessed to have made it to this point in her recovery. The scans did show that Remi has pneumonia...We were hesitant to have her take the scans on Monday and Tuesday because she was still getting over what we thought was a bad cold..Thank God for those scans to show the infection. Dr. Tebbi started her on antibiotics and will take an x-ray of her chest in 12 days to see how she is doing.. The scans take alot out of us so we are exhausted from all that, but Remi did fantastic, she no longer has her medi-port so she was given IV's 2 days in a row..Thank you Michelle for taking such great care of Remi both days..and to Leanne and Brenda in Nuclear Medicine, we love you all..We are now scanning Remi every 6 months and getting doctors visits and labs every other's hard to loosen those reigns...

We are enjoying the summer and have been spending allot of time at the beach. We have been trying to stay close to home right now, Patrick's mom (Nana Loretta) has been in and out of the hospital for a month or so , she has had some complications after her last treatment. Please continue to keep her close in your prayers...

Thank you for continuing to check in on Remi and her progress, we feel very blessed and very thankful and praise and thank God everyday for her improvement. Please keep Camille in your prayers, as well as all children and adults battling cancer, please also pray for my friend and former neighbor Jen, she is battling colon cancer:  especially pray for those who have lost their battle and their families.

August 20th

The First Annual Cure Kids Cancer Challenge will take place on September 29th in Fish Hawk Ranch Park Square ! The first ever CURE KIDS CANCER CHALLENGE - which is a 5K Family Fun Walk in our area. It will take place on September 29, 2007 in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We are praying that this will be a big event and raise money for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation . The PCF is getting ready to start 3 brand-new clinical trials - which will cost $12,000 per child - so every dollar raised will make a difference!

This event, to benefit the Pediatric Cancer Foundation will feature a 5K Walk/Fun Run and a 1 Mile family walk where participants will collect pledges to help find a cure! All funds raised through the Cure Kids Cancer Challenge will benefit the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to fund research that will lead to a cure for childhood cancer. The Foundation is currently spearheading a national research collaboration that has brought together the country's top doctors and institutions to work together in fast-tracking new successful treatments for children with cancer. Every dollar raised, every dollar donated helps bring us closer to a cure! Take the Challenge - join us at the first ever Cure Kids Cancer Challenge and help fund research and hope for children with cancer!

We are having a Family Fun Day after the race/walk so please plan on joining us even if you don't want to walk or run, but just have FUN!

Please remember
September is National Childhood Awareness Month and more children will be diagnosed this September than any other month of the year. Please join us or donate to the first annual Cure Kids Cancer Challenge 1 mile walk and 5K run on September 29th.





August 27th:

Happy 9th Birthday Remi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love you with all our hearts.......

Mommy, Daddy Chloe, Lulu, Tiki and Stevie


2nd update:

****Please keep Nana Loretta in your prayers, she is inpatient at St. Joseph Women's Hospital, her cancer has further progressed to her liver and is now having complications with fluid in her lungs, she will be undergoing a procedure today to drain the fluid..Please keep her in your close prayers for comfort and healing..and for our family during this difficult time.*****


August 28th

Just wanted to take a moment and update on Nana Loretta. She did very well thru her surgical procedure yesterday. The doctors remove a large amount of fluid from her lungs, she seems to be breathing much better now and comfortable. I want to thank everyone who has stopped by the hospital to see her, it was so comforting for her as well as our family. I ask for your continuous prayers for Nana, for healing, strength and courage..She told me yesterday at her bedside, " Miracles Happen" and they do...with faith on our side, it's what we hope for the most..

Our day yesterday started with Remi's awaking to her 9th Birthday, she opened only two presents and saved the rest to open in front of her Nana after school. I brought 60 homemade brownie for Remi and her classmates at lunch time to celebrate. After school we went to the hospital and had cake and opened presents with Nana, Papo and her Uncles and Aunts, we bought a sugar free cake so Nana could enjoy some too. Afterwards we joined the rest of our family at Carraba's for dinner. Remi had a wonderful day and night surrounded by all her cousins and family.. The only person missing, was her friend Camille. Remi has really missed her and hopes to see her soon. Please keep Camille in your prayers, she is trying radiation therapy, she is 3 weeks into it. Please pray for complete healing, strength and courage to fight..Also pray for miracles with Camille and fill her heart with the love we all share for her.

It is very hard to explain the different feelings we are going thru at this time, we have been so heavy hearted about Nana and Camille and hoping and praying so hard for their recovery and healing and then yet trying to be happy and celebrate Remi, it's just a rollercoaster of emotions...I ask God to give me the strength and wisdom to deal with them and guide us all thru these difficult times.. Thank you all for continuing to support our family and our love ones, your encouragement and prayers are what really helps us and fills us with the hope we need everyday...

Please remember that September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month, Remi will be doing her 2nd Annual Coin Drive again this year thru the month of September, all monies raised will go to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation..

We will also be attending the Cure Kids Challenge Walk on September 29th at FishHawk Ranch in Brandon, it is not too late to get involved and join us..If you can 't join us for the walk you can donate directly to the Foundation, the link is on Remi's Homepage for more info..


September 7th:

Our family is very sad to post that we lost our precious Nana Loretta Wednesday morning. We are comforted by the fact that she is in the loving arms of Jesus and is surrounded by the loved ones who went before her. She fought very hard and courageous with her illness to her end.. Nana is missed and will always be missed, she was such a very big part of our lives that will never be replaced, we are facing difficult days ahead of us but we are confident in that our faith will hold us thru each day..

Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement and constant prayers for our entire family...



STORCH, Loretta A. "Nana", 72, of Tampa went to be with the Lord on September 5, 2007. Loretta was born on February 11, 1935 in Pittston, PA. She is preceded in death by her brothers, Albert and Dominic Lombardi; sisters, Loretta and Viola and grandson, Jason. Loretta worked 19 years as a teaching assistant for children with learning disabilities and was a life long member of St. Lawrence Catholic Church. She was co-owner of Storch & Sons Seafood and was well known for making the restaurant's signature dish, "Nana Loretta's Crab Enchilada." Loretta was always passionate about cooking, but her greatest passion was that of a mother and grandmother. She enjoyed nothing more than doing everything she could for her family. Loretta leaves to cherish her memory, her devoted husband of 55 years, Julius C. Storch Sr.; her five loving sons, Julius Storch III and his wife, Belinda, Gary L. Storch and his wife, Carol, Mark Storch and his wife, Phyllis, Stephen Storch and his wife, Stephanie and Patrick J. Storch and his wife, Catherine; her precious grandchildren, Jamie, Amy, Brittany, Joshua, David, Chloe, Remi, Lindsay and Paul; great grandchild, Jadon; sisters, Antoinette, Mary, Delores and Mitzi and brother, Tony. Special thanks to the staffs of Tampa General and St. Joseph's Women’s Hospitals and especially her oncologist, Dr. Mitchell Hoffman and Dr. Giselle Ghurani and to Monsignor Laurence Higgins. A funeral Mass to honor her life will be conducted 12:30 Saturday, September 8, 2007 in St. Lawrence Catholic Church with interment following in Myrtle Hill Memorial Park. The family will receive friends from 3:30-6 p.m. Friday, September 7, 2007 at St. Lawrence Catholic Church. Flowers are welcomed, however, those who wish, may make donations to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, 14005A N. Dale Mabry Hwy., Tampa, FL 33618 in Loretta's memory.


September 13th:

I want to first thank everyone who came to "Nana's" services last week, the support and love that was given to our  entire family  was overwhelmingly comforting. This week without Nana has been as difficult, as you could imagine, but we are holding on strong to our faith for comfort and guidance.  We know she is resting in God's arms free of pain and cancer free....

I want to remind everyone of the 1st Annual Cure Kids Cancer Challenge on September 29th.

Please join us or help us with a donation towards the event. Remi has set up her "Team Remi Storch" and is walking for her friend, Camille Rawson and in honor of "Nana Loretta." You can sign up for the event on her fundraising page attached below or if you are unable to attend, there is an area for your donations.

We hope to see you at the walk, again thank you for your continuous support and prayers...

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Remi Storch's Fundraising Page
Hoping for a cure...
Please help me in supporting the 1st Annual Cure Kids Cancer Challenge. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with Rhabdomayosarcoma, I have been in remission for 1 year. I dedicate this walk to one of my best friends Camille Rawson, who was diagnosed almost 4 years ago with Adrenocortical Carcinoma, she is still fighting her battle with cancer and to My "Nana Loretta" who just passed away from Ovarian Cancer and who I know is watching down over me today.. Thank You for helping me support the Pediatric Cancer Foundation and our passion to find a cure for all Childhood Cancers.
100% of the funds raised through the Cure Kids Cancer Challenge will benefit the Pediatric Cancer Foundation in its mission to fund research that will lead to a cure for childhood cancer. Founded in 1991, the Pediatric Cancer Foundation has become a distinguished leader and driving force in accelerating the discovery of cures for childhood cancers by spearheading innovative research initiatives. Every dollar donated, every dollar raised helps bring us closer to a cure.

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Just in case you might have missed this PSA for  The Pediatric Cancer Foundation, click on the link below to view it:   Pediatric Cancer YouTube Spot





October 25th:

It has been another busy month.. I can't believe October is almost over. The girls are excited about Halloween this year, Remi is going to be " Dracula's Bride"..lucky Dracula.... Chloe is going to be a "Indian Girl"...a" beautiful blonde" Indian girl... We will have our Annual Halloween night dinner and trick or treat.. Papo and Nani Sylvia will join us as well as Remi's friend Madison... We are looking forward to it..

Remi is doing well she has been having stomach issues lately, we met with a Ped. Gastro Dr. this week and she would like to do a Upper Gi on Remi, so we will be having that test on Nov. 1st. She feels this could just be affects from treatment and hopefully it will be a simple fix.. Other than that Remi is doing great, she started a musical/theatre class and a voice class with Chloe. She absolutely is in heaven and it truly is a pleasure to see her so happy ..singing and dancing..

We are happy to welcome our newest cousin to our family..Mia Catherine Accardi, was born Sept.17th!!! Congratulations Uncle John, Aunt Andrea, Big brother Johnny, Big sisters Lola and Lucia..We love you Mia!!!

We also want to wish Uncle Stephen and Aunt Stephanie...a safe and "Happy Honeymoon".. They will be leaving for Cancun this weekend, We hope you enjoy your honeymoon, you both deserve it... We Love You Both..

We are also pleased to announce that Remi was chosen as one the the recipients of the 2007 "What Drives You Award", she will receive the award at The Fisherman's Ball presented by Mercedes Benz,  benefiting The Pediatric Cancer Foundation... Congratulations Remi!!!! The Foundation and Mercedes Benz, selects three children each year to receive this award, we are so proud of Remi and her strength and determination in battling cancer herself and for her contagious" hope" she spreads to others touched by childhood cancer.. We love you Remi!!! The Fisherman's Ball is held at the Tropicana Field on Nov. 9th @ 6:30, our entire family will be there to watch her receive the award, if you are interested in attending The Fisherman's Ball, the information regarding the event is below...



In planning our annual gala, The Fishermen’s Ball presented by Mercedes-Benz USA, the Pediatric Cancer Foundation is promising to delight each of the senses. The Ball will take place at Tropicana Field on Friday, November 9, 2007, from 6:30p.m.- 10:30p.m. and will be the ultimate sensory treat with grand tropical flower arrangements dazzling the eyes and the nose, music that will excite the ears, delicious delicacies for the ultimate taste and a cause that will touch your heart.

The Fishermen’s Ball is the official start to the 9th Annual Mercury Grand Slam Celebrity Fishing Tournament presented by Updegraff Vision. This festive evening features world class chefs creating culinary delights before your very eyes, and a live and silent auction that boasts some of the most sought after items anywhere. The Ball is attended by over 1,200 guests, including celebrities representing Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Football League (NFL), the National Basketball Association (NBA), Hollywood, national media and a variety of fishing show hosts. These individuals donate their time and energy to help us raise essential funds for childhood cancer research.

Individual ticket to The Fishermen’s Ball are $150 each and Tables of Hope, which seat 10 guests, are $1,400. We sincerely hope you will join us November 10th for The Fishermen’s Ball and help us "Reel in a Cure" for pediatric cancer!



Last but not least.. Please continue to keep Camille Rawson in your prayers, she is such a true example of a "hero",  she is such as special young lady who is so dear to our family.. She has amazing strength and such a strong will to fight this horrible and disease.. Please pray for her strength to keep fighting and for her treatments to help her and mostly for all of her pain to diminish... Camille ..WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

I would like to end with some recent pictures I took of Camille and Remi...


     Camille and Remi September 2007


                       Happy Halloween

With Love,

The Storch Family




December 5th:

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving..We spent our Thanksgiving with both sides of our families and enjoyed the day. It was our first holiday without Nana, and it was very hard and she was greatly missed by us all. I know that Christmas is going to be tough as well but, I know  Nana is always with us in spirit and we are so thankful for all the beautiful memories we have with her. Papo is having a hard time, we are trying to keep him busy and spend as much time with him as possible. December 15th would have been Loretta and Julius' 55th Wedding Anniversary, I know this is going to be a difficult day for him, please pray for his healing and comfort through these next few weeks..

Much has been happening since I last updated..We now have a new addition to our family..We are  proud to introduce.... "Rosie Loretta Storch"

"Remi and Rosie"

We were all so proud of Remi the night of "The Fisherman's Ball", she had a wonderful night that ended with the most precious gift of her dog, Rosie..

Remi receiving her "What Drives You Award" from Mercedes Benz

We are getting ready for Christmas, enjoying the season. We took our Annual trip to Brooksville to get our tree from Ergle , we also made our Annual stop in Dade City to pick oranges at the Groves house, we missed them this year, they were out of town..

Patrick goofin' off at Ergle Tree Farm!!!

Pickin' oranges at "The Grove's"

We hope everyone's Christmas and New Year is filled with Love, Hope, Peace and Joy.. Thank You for continuing to check in with us, we truly appreciate all of your kind thoughts and continuous prayers for our family...


Merry Christmas and Happy 2008!!!

With Love,

The Storch Family

Patrick, Catherine, Chloe, Remi, Lulu, Tiki and Rosie


*** Please take a moment and view this youtube video created by a fellow cancer mom, Anissa Mayhew, Remi and I are included in the video , it is very touching and reminds me of how very thankful I am for today and all of my yesterdays and all the hope I have for my tomorrows...*** Thank You Anissa ;)

Please click on the link below to view the video




January 2, 2008:


Our Family is deeply saddened to inform everyone that we lost Our dearest" Papo" Storch

It is very hard to update at this time, I will close for now with his obituary and asking you all for your continuous prayers..


STORCH, Julius C. "Papo" , 76, of Tampa , received his glory and joined his wife, Loretta, of 55 years. Julius was born on September 19, 1931, in Tampa , FL. He is preceded in death by his wife, Loretta; brothers, Noles, Earl and Jack; sisters, Juanita, Gypsie and Naomi, and grandson, Jason. Julius worked at the Big Barn prior to entering the military. He was a U.S. Army veteran and served our Nation in the Korean war. Julius retired from Dixie Lily as a sales manager after 25 years of employment.  He will always be remembered as the owner of the Storch & Sons Seafood Fish Market and Restaurant, where he always greeted everyone with a smile and made them feel like part of the family. One of Julius' most noble accomplishments was his dedicated service in the Reserve Program with the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Department for 33 years, during which he achieved the rank of Sergeant, and was awarded the 2006 Reserve Deputy of the Year. Julius considered all his fellow deputies as family. The Adams & Jennings Funeral Home was honored to have Julius as a member of their family and staff for many years. Julius was a member of St. Lawrence Catholic Church for many years.  Julius grew up in Palm River as a young child and attended Brandon High School. He was a member of the John Darling Masonic Lodge #154. Julius was a devoted husband for 55 years and lived his life for his family and his five boys. He leaves behind to cherish his memory, and follow his path, his five sons, Julius Storch III and his wife, Belinda, Gary L. Storch and his wife, Carol, Mark Storch and his wife, Phyllis, Stephen Storch and his wife, Stephanie and Patrick Storch and his wife, Catherine; precious grandchildren Jamie, Amy, Lindsay, Paul, David, Brittany, Joshua, Katie, Michael, Chloe, and Remi; great grandchild, Jadon; sisters, Mary, Glaydes, Lavern, and Mickey and brothers, Ben and James. Julius was a great father, father figure and mentor to many. He was the cornerstone of his neighborhood and will be greatly missed. Julius was a simple, yet brilliant, man who was devoted to anything he believed in and set his mind to. Always steadfast and never losing focus. Special thanks to the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Department, the Sheriffs Department Honor Guard and all Hillsborough County Sheriffs' Reserve Units. Additional thanks are extended to Monsignor Higgins, Father Tom Morgan and Adams & Jennings Funeral Home. Funeral services will be conducted 11:00 a.m. Friday,  January 4, 2008 at the St. Lawrence Catholic Church, Higgins Hall in Tampa . Interment will follow at Myrtle Hill   Cemetery . The family will receive friends at Higgins Hall from 6-8 p.m. Thursday, January 3, 2008 with a wake service at 8 p.m. Flowers are welcomed, however, those who wish, may make donations in Julius' name to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, 14005A  N. Dale Mabry Hwy., Tampa, FL  33618.


January 11th:

Thank you to all our friends and family who have been reaching out to us during this very difficult time, we greatly appreciate all of your kind words, flowers, food, mass intentions,donations and most of all prayers..

We are trying to get back into our routine, we all are terribly missing Papo and Nana, it is such a huge part of our lives just so quickly taken from us, we miss them so much and will always love them..

Well, we do have some wonderful news, Remi's 1 1/2 year scans are CLEAR!!!!!!!We are so happy and so very thankful that she is still in remission, thank you for all of your continuous prayers for Remi we truly feel blessed... Remi will be scanned again in 6 months..

Thank you again for all of your prayers and support, it helps so much to know that you all care so much about us..

All our love,

The Storch Family


January 18th:

Please pray for our dear friend Camille Rawson, she has lost her fight this morning and is now resting in the arms of God completely healed and cancer free...

Please pray for the entire Rawson Family, they are in need of our prayers and support...

No words can express how beautiful, vibrant, amazing and strong Camille was, her smile definitely lit up the room... We are so saddened by her loss, we are so grateful to have had her in our lives, we will miss her greatly and she will never be forgotten..

I will end with some pictures of Camille and Remi over the last couple years they have been friends..

Camille and Remi 2006


Camille, Kristi Thomas and Remi


Camille, Remi and Dana



Camille and Michael Clayton


Remi and Camille 2007


January 23rd:

Click here to View and Sign Guest Book View/Sign Guestbook

Camille Marie Rawson    
RAWSON, Camille Marie 12, passed away on Friday Jan. 18, 2008, at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL. Camille was born in Clearwater, FL, Sept. 19, 1995. She attended St. Johns Catholic School and more recently Northside Christian. Camille was beautiful inside and out and a very courageous child. She lost her life to cancer after a 5 year battle of complicated surgeries and chemotherapy's. Always bouncing back and always positive she became a hero to all who truly knew and appreciated her plight. Camille touched many hearts and changed many lives. She will always be known as the "warrior." Camille is survived by her mom and dad, Vivian and Randy Rawson; sisters, Bianca and Isabella; grandparents, Kent and Siri Rawson, Pete and Raquel Guzman and Sandi and Dan Kane; as well as too many aunts and uncles and cousins to mention, who loved her dearly. Camille will be buried in a private ceremony, but there will be a Celebration of Her Life at the Downtown Hilton in St. Petersburg, 6-8 pm, Friday, Jan. 25th. There will also be a Memorial Mass at St. Johns Vianney Catholic Church, St. Petersburg Beach, FL, 12 pm, on Saturday, Jan. 26th. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the SPCA. Camille was very involved with the local SPCA and adored animals. Address is SPCA of Tampa Bay, 9099 130th Ave. N, Largo, FL 33773. Online memorial & guestbook can be viewed at: Brett Funeral Home & Cremation Services 727-321-3321

Published in the St. Petersburg Times on 1/23/2008.
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A special regular girl

Camille Rawson kept laughing and smiling every day despite her fears.

By STEPHANIE HAYES, Times Staff Writer
Published January 26, 2008

Claudia Campillo, 12, can't stop her emotions as Randy Rawson, father of her friend, Camille Rawson, 12, spoke during a celebration of Camille's life Friday night at the Hilton St. Petersburg. Camille died of cancer after a five-year battle.
[Cherie Diez | Times]

[Photo by Amy Scherzer]
Camille, second from left, didn't let illness stop her, once modeling in a Pediatric Cancer Foundation fashion show. From left, models Remi Storch, Camille Rawson, Ellie Edwards and Ashley Barlow strike a pose at Fashion Funds the Cure.

Breaking News Video


In a hotel ballroom brimming to the edges, Camille Rawson talked to her friends.

"It sends chills down your spine," she said from a massive video screen. "How can a word cause so much pain? I am only 11 years old, and I have felt the fear of death."

Camille was a headstrong sixth-grader who loved animals, dressing up and having space to herself. She liked being normal, with a splash of rebellion.

But for almost five years, Camille battled adrenal cortical cancer.

It was scary. But she told her friends that it wasn't all bad. She met celebrities like Miss America and baseball great Wade Boggs. She got her own laptop computer. She walked in a fashion show.

In September, Camille turned 12. Four months later, she died.

At her memorial Friday night, her friends from St. Petersburg's Northside Christian School text messaged each other across the room. They boys stood in one group and the girls stood in another.

They hugged and laughed and cried. They wiped their runny eyeliner with tissue. They flipped off their tiny high heels, giving up on maturity, because they needed some comfort.

They watched their friend on the screen as she assured them everything was all right. And in their own words, they remembered one of their own.

"At my Valentine's Day party, we swung her, and she hit the wall, but she was still happy." - Kasey Burke, 12.

"We used to share Care Bears and Warheads sour candy. We used to do contests for who wouldn't make a funny face. We both won." - Annalyse Windschauer, 11.

"At a sleepover, my dad had this touch light, and we kept playing with it, and she got really annoyed with us." - Claudia Campillo, 12.

"She was very photogenic. She would always smile for photos, and she always made this monkey face." - Max Massengill, 11.

"At her house, we always jumped on her trampoline." - Caroline Neely, 12.

"We watched a movie together and music started playing at the end and we started dancing. It was How to Eat Fried Worms." - Deandra Tsaffaras, 12.

"In fifth grade, Camille was trying to put eye shadow on me, and I sneezed, and it got all over her." - Kylie Land, 12.

"Her birthday party was the best. We had a Hummer limo pick us up. We saw Mr. Bean's Holiday. We threw popcorn. We made it fun." - Max Massengill.

"We used to grow Sea Monkeys, and they'd have babies and eat each other, and we'd flush them down the toilet." - Annalyse Windschauer.

"Annalyse and Camille sold bottle caps and donated part of the money to the SPCA, but they kept some of it for snacks." - Sean Gilling, 12.

"She liked to watch Saturday Night Live a lot, especially Chris Farley and Will Ferrell." - Jacob Newlane, 12.

"We made a gingerbread house, and we were so close to finishing it, and it collapsed on us." - Gabby Greenleaf, 11.

"One time, we tried to shave a balloon, but it wouldn't pop." - Katarina Somers, 12.

"She would make a ton of bracelets every night and hand them out to her friends." - Sean Gilling.

"She was always laughing and smiling everyday." - Chase Johnson, 12.

Stephanie Hayes can be reached at or (727) 893-8857.


Camille Rawson

Born: Sept. 19, 1995

Died: Jan. 18, 2008

Survivors: parents, Vivian and Randy Rawson; sisters, Bianca and Isabella; grandparents, Kent and Siri Rawson, Pete and Raquel Guzman and Sandi and Dan Kane; many aunts, uncles and cousins.


April 25th:

It has been a very long time since I have updated.. This was the first time that I really felt like in my heart I could..and also Remi asked me to you know I wouldn't turn her down..

Obviously, we have been surrounded by so much heaviness that it has just been hard to put it all in words, but, as time has gone by, I have come to realize that I really didn't need to have to... It was just too hard to revisit and it still is and probably always will be..

We are doing okay and have just arrived back from a much needed vacation..We went on the Disney Cruise with our family and all the cousins, it was just what we needed, family and lots of fun... far away..

We had so much fun and enjoyed getting away together..

Remi is doing well, she and Chloe both just received Honor Roll for the 3rd grading period!!!!

Way to go Remi and Chloe!!!!

If you didn't know it, now you do..


She is CRAZY over him.. She is his #1 FAN!!!!! She has been writing The Jonas Brothers and is truely hoping to get a response..She would love to meet Nick..

Patrick and I took Chloe and Remi and my three nieces and my nephew to the Jonas Brothers concert a month or so ago, when they came to Tampa, we had such a great time... There is a picture of us all on the front of the website..

 Anyway, maybe one day Remi's dreams will come true and she will meet Nick in person...well have to wait and see..

Remi will be having her scans again on May 3rd, please pray that she remains cancer free. Every time we get to this time in our lives, scan time.. everything just stops and when it is over we feel like we can live again.. for another 4 months until we have to do it all over again.. But,  by the Grace of God, she has remained in remission for 1 1/2 years, that is truly a blessing and one that our family never takes for granted..

Please continue to pray for all of those suffering with cancer, children and adults..

 Please pray for those who have lost their battle and for those still fighting and also for the ones who are in remission...

 I would like you to pray especially for Matthew Gliddon who just earned his wings,

Also please pray for Ed Campbell and Jen Long who are battling cancer and need our prayers..

Much love always and thank you for checking in on Remi and her progress..God bless..


May 9th:

Remi's scans are clear, we are so happy and feel so blessed that she still remains free of her cancer.. The are no words to describe how very thankful we are for her healing, we thank God everyday for her blessings..

On the Friday before Remi's scans, I went to our church to light a candle for Remi and say a pray for her. As I was walking up to the church, I saw my friend Linda and she knew why I was there, she told me, you will never believe it, today is adoration. I was almost in tears, as I knew that it w90as a sign from God that He knew I was in need and He was letting me know, He was with me and listening. Linda and I both went in and said our prayers in the chapel, it was so powerful and a day I will always cherish. Linda, has always been a wonderful friend thru our journey with Remi, it was only appropriate that she would be there..Thank you Linda :) After Remi was dismissed from school i took her into the chapel and we both sat and prayed together, it was very special and powerful, I felt so complete and comforted, we both were exactly where we needed to be...

Always looking for signs, that's me, but my faith is the only thing that keeps me strong.. It brings me the peace and hope I need everyday..

I want to thank all of you for your prayers.. Please keep The Kesler Family close in your prayers, their daughter Sierra, passed away last Saturday, she was being treated at the same time Remi was at St Joe's, she was a beautiful little girl, who will never be forgotten.. Please also continue your prayers for Joe Campbell and Jen Long..

I hope that everyone enjoys their Mother's Day!!! It will be our first Mother's Day without Nana Loretta, we will be visiting her on Sunday before mass, May God Bless her and as she celebrates her first Mother's Day in Heaven.. We miss you Nana and love you very much.. Happy Mother's Day...

Mother's Day Prayer

by Gaynell Bordes Cronin

I love you, Mom. I love your aliveness,
your joy in living, your understanding,
your giving.

And what I love best of all
is that you love me.

God of all Mothers,
thank you for my mom!

—From the book Friend Jesus: Prayers for Children

(this was taken from the SLS website)



I would like to end with a picture of Nana from last year, Mother's Day Brunch at our house....

Chloe, Nana Loretta and Remi 2007


August 24th:

End of the year, Summer time, Rock climbing, Palm Island, Father's Day, Camp Rock, Indian Rocks Beach, MJPAA Voice Recital, Dance recital,4th of July, Little Tales, CCC Groovy Summer Camp, CIT's, Patrick's Birthday........

Oh what a busy few months we have had...but we have had so much fun doing it all...

We just started the new school year off, Chloe is in 7th grade and Remi is in 5th....They both are excited about this year and love their teachers..

We also just had Remi's 2 year scans and met with her oncologist Dr Tebbi and the results show she is still CANCER FREE!!!!! We are so elated and most of all thankful for her blessings and her remission...

This is going to be a busy year for the girls as they were both selected into Showstoppers at Mary Joe's this year, it is a competitive entertainment group for the studio, they will both be singing and dancing locally and competing locally as well.

Remi will be celebrating her 10th birthday this coming Wednesday...I can hardly believe she is already 10!!! HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY REMI !!!!!

Thank you for checking in ..I will close with some recent pictures. Enjoy......





Rejoicing everyday..and always thanking and praising God for all of our many miracles......

Thank you for all of your prayers, continue to keep those still suffering from illness in your prayers as well as those we have lost...

"Nana" Loretta Storch

February 11, 1935 - September 5, 2007


"Our Angel"

We love and miss you and Papo everyday...




Sept 1st:

Please join our family at the 2nd Annual Cure Kids Cancer Challenge on Saturday September 13, 2008 @ Park Square, FishHawk Ranch in Brandon.

If you are unable to attend please consider making a contribution to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, The information is on Remi's Fundraising page below...... or click on the link : http:  

Pediatric Cancer Foundation Funding Research In Our Community Contribute to a Cure Sunshine Project
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Team "Mrs." Remi "Jonas"
Hoping for a cure....
Please help me in supporting the 2nd Annual Cure Kids Cancer Challenge. I was diagnosed 3 years ago with Rhabdomayosarcoma, I have been in remission for 2 years. I dedicate this walk to one of my best friends Camille Rawson, who lost her battle to Adrenocortical Carcinoma and to My "Nana Loretta" who passed away from Ovarian Cancer. I know they are both watching down over me today.. Thank You for helping me support the Pediatric Cancer Foundation and our passion to find a cure for all Childhood Cancers.
Remi 2008

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